The Question of Edition

I’ve received several questions about which edition of Ulysses I’m recommending for our group.  The answer – pick what works for you.  I can tell you that I’ll be using the 1961 Vintage Books edition (pictured left).  However, don’t feel obligated to hunt down the same one.  Thrift and guilt are the only reasons I’m using it.  I made my well-intentioned purchase years ago at a used bookstore, and I don’t feel like spending money on a prettier edition.  Additionally, I feel a strange sense of obligation to this old, perhaps never before read copy.  Someone’s got to give it a chance to fulfill its purpose in this world.  Maybe it will even sprout wings and ascend to the heavens when I finish the last page, or maybe it will simply be content to return to its familiar, dusty spot on my bookshelf.



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6 responses to “The Question of Edition

  1. Mary Beth Siegel

    Should we read any part of Ulysses before the first meeting?

  2. Marvin Martin

    I don’t know how this got into this comments section, and I don’t if my original message got through in this now blank area, but suffice it to say that I have the Modern Library edition, which I now see Prof. Froula recommends, and the gist of my message was to ask how we make my edition compatible with the reading schedule, which I guess is based on your edition, and which differs markedly from the Modern Library publication. Hope this gets through.

  3. Marvin Martin

    Can you get this Leave a Reply form out of this comments section for “The Question of Edition. I don’t know how this got here and I am disturbed that my email sits there exposed for all to see and use. Please give this your quick attention.

    • I only see your name listed with your comment, not your email. If you don’t wish for this to appear at all, let me know and I’ll delete your comments. You’re welcome to contact me directly with your questions if you don’t want your information to appear here. My email is

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