Tonight’s Meeting

To all of you who attended tonight’s first meeting – thanks so much for coming!  I appreciated your enthusiasm and your flexibility.  If you weren’t able to make it, you should know we had more than a hundred people attend!  Who would have believed it?   Once we could no longer fit at the Celtic Knot, we had to move the event to the library, where we enjoyed an insightful lecture from Professor Christine Froula.

Check back soon for updates on how we’ll accommodate all of you.  That will probably mean splitting the group, but I don’t have any details yet.  If you didn’t get a handout/reading guide, stop by the second floor Reader’s Services Desk.  I’ll have a stack of them there by the afternoon.  I’ll also post Professor Froula’s book/audio/movie recommendations to the blog as soon as I can.

I hope you’re all encouraged by this positive response to Ulysses!



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4 responses to “Tonight’s Meeting

  1. Bill Herbert

    You are to be congratulated for handling what could have been chaos in a very professional fashion. We could use you down in the Gulf, they need your skills in getting things organized. Nice job.

  2. Jody Wilson

    Many thanks to EPL for making this opportunity available. I think the astonishing turn-out indicates that many people want to be challenged more than most libraries think or assume. Congratulations!

  3. Susan Rosseland

    Hi: I was unable to come to the first meeting, but I intend to join you all for the rest of the year! Is there any way to hear Professor Froula’s lecture online or obtain a copy of it? I fear I have missed an important introduction to this experience and I don’t know anyone else who is doing this who could “fill me in” on what happened that night! If the lecture is unavailable, do you have a list of the group participants so I can see if I know anyone or can perhaps car pool with someone from my area (Des Plaines)? Thanks!

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