A Note on “Corrected” Editions

If you’re using a “corrected” edition of  Ulysses, you might notice that unlike most of the rest of us, your book is actually divided into chapters and contains line numbers in the margins.  These chapters (as long as you have 18 of them) correspond to the episodes noted in our reading schedule.  If you’ve got one of these books, disregard the page ranges I included in the reading schedule.  Please let me know if you run into issues like this, and I’ll post related information to the blog.



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2 responses to “A Note on “Corrected” Editions

  1. Marvin Martin

    My Ulysses is the (from the copyright page) American Edition, Published by Random House, 1934. Also published in the Modern Lib rary edition in 1934. Random House also published the Modern Library. My edition is divided into three parts without chapters.
    Part I, Stately, Plump
    Part II, Mr
    Part III Prepatory to Anything
    The Part names differ from those on your reading schedule, and there are no Episodes or Episode names, which you include up to 18. Also the first numbered page is 5, which faces Stately, Plump, the S of which takes up the whole page. Is there any possibility I can transcribe the reading assignment from the reading schedule to my book. My book ends on p.768, your schedule on 783.

    • Marvin,
      Start by reading Part I (as long as that’s marked). Otherwise, if you’ll wait a little longer, I’m coming up with a reading schedule for your edition. Others may have the same issue.

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