A Clarification on Groups

I’m close to sorting out our options for potential days, times, and places.  In the meantime, let me clarify something that might be a point of confusion: how we’re going to be split up.  Although there will still be a group that meets at the Celtic Knot at 6pm on selected Tuesdays, there will be additional groups that meet during other days, times, and places.  All of these official meetings will take place in the same week as the regularly scheduled dates you’ll find posted on this blog and on the meeting handouts.  For example, throughout a meeting week, there might be an evening group that meets at the Library, a lunchtime group that meets at the Celtic Knot, and a morning group that meets at North Branch – all in addition to the 6pm Celtic Knot meeting.

Groups will be shaped based on who registers for a specific day/time/place.  So, if you want to be in the same group as a friend, make sure you both register for the same day/time/place.  Registration will be first-come, first-served.  I’ll hash out all of these details when the time comes.

In a few days, I’ll post a poll to this blog.  It will list days/times/places alternative to the 6pm Tuesday meeting.  You will then select which alternative day/time/place works best for you (if any).  Your response will help me determine which options are most popular.  Participating in this poll will NOT register you for a particular group.  That step will come later.  Stay tuned for more info!



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4 responses to “A Clarification on Groups

  1. Nancy Ames

    I hope we are not locked into one discussion group and time but can register for a different group/time/location on each date.

    • Generally, I think most people will want to stay in the same group. To keep the complexity of this whole thing to a minimum, I haven’t planned on requiring people to register more than once. I think there are some benefits to staying in the same group – continuity, getting to know your fellow group members, etc. – however, I realize that it’s not always possible. If some participants wish to change groups, I’ll try to devise something to accommodate that, but space will be limited at some of our venues.

      • sally barnum

        Those of us with full-time day jobs and other evening prior commitments may only have one or two possible days & times. Please consider this when assigning people.

      • Don’t worry. I am not assigning anyone. Everyone will have the opportunity to register themselves – online or over the phone – for the time that suits their schedule. It will be first-come, first-served. I’ll notify everyone when those registration lists are available.

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