Alternative Meeting Times and Places

Please vote here for your preferred alternative meeting time/place.  The Tuesday at 6pm Celtic Knot option will still be available once I open the official registration lists.  For now, I’m more interested in where/when you might be willing to meet if that time slot fills up.  All of the options I list are for the same week of the regularly scheduled meetings (see the sidebar on the right side of this blog).

Remember, voting in this poll won’t register you for anything.  It will just give me an idea about which 4-5 options to make available to you for registration.  Thanks for your input and your patience!



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2 responses to “Alternative Meeting Times and Places

  1. Gladys Bryer

    I understand that this survey is a rough preliminary, however, both Hy and Gladys Bryer would, if possible, enjoy being in the same group as a woman, (Lynn Miller), that we met at your first meeting.–

    • Of course I want everyone to be in groups with their friends, etc. However, if you want to be in the same group as someone else, you’ll need to coordinate with that person. I am not assigning groups. Everyone will have the freedom to choose their own group once registration opens. At that time, you may register online or by phone. If you have any additional question, please contact me directly at

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