Watch A&E Biography’s James Joyce

From the convenience of your own computer, watch Biography’s James Joyce.  It’s free!  The episode is split into eight segments, totaling about 40 minutes.  After watching Part I, Part II will automatically load, you may need to expand the screen by clicking on the minimized video that appears in the upper left-hand corner of the viewing screen.  Enjoy!

Update: I changed the link above so that it now takes you to a list of all the video clips on Joyce.  Just scroll down the screen until you’ve located Part I.  If this fails, search for James Joyce in the search box in the “Videos” tab at the top of the screen.  Sorry about all the trouble!  I can’t figure out why it kept going to Barry Manilow after Part I.



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2 responses to “Watch A&E Biography’s James Joyce

  1. Flo Halprin

    I guess I’m still getting the part 1.
    Then it flips over to Barry Manilow, parts 1-6.
    How to get the rest of James Joyce????????Monday, eve.

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