Books People Lie About Reading

This article from Huffington Post should resonate with our little community of readers: “13 Books Nobody’s Read But Say They Have.”  It should come as no suprise that Ulysses is third on the list.  I love the caption under the Ulysses  bit:

“Let’s just pretend there isn’t a book called “Finnegans Wake,” which nobody’s read or even talks about outside academic circles. However, if you’ve read all the way from “stately” to the very last “yes” in “Ulysses,” consider yourself one of the proud few. Just don’t act like you actually knew what was happening, especially in that last chapter.”

In a few months, many of us (I hope) can truthfully report that we’ve actually read the novel.  Some other familiar titles on the list include War and Peace and Moby Dick.  Perhaps those would be appropriate selections for future Mission Impossible programs.



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3 responses to “Books People Lie About Reading

  1. Jody Wilson

    I’m for “Finnegans Wake” when we’ve completed this “Mission Impossible”! Jody

  2. eplnorth

    I’ve read Moby Dick and I am NOT reading it again!

  3. Rick Ronvik

    Finnegans Wake fits the model “Mission Ridiculous” more than “Mission Impossible”; it’s next to unreadable. I’d throw in a vote for Marcel Proust’s Remembrance.. even if it were only Swann’s Way.

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