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One More Note About Frank Delaney

Hi, everyone.  Our fellow MI: Ulysses member Frank Mahon posted this info as a comment a few days ago, but I’m reposting it here so it’s more visible.  This is not a library-sponsored event, but it seems like a great opportunity!  Please contact Frank if you’re interested.

iBAM! has a special offer for my Mission Impossible friends. If enough folks are interested, we can have a special Ulysses chat with Frank Delaney while he’s at iBAM! We would need a decent-sized group, say 30-40, to get him to do it, since his time is limited. Also featured at iBAM! are some theatre offerings. One of presenters is my theatre company – Smock Alley Theater. I have adopted Oscar Wilde’s short story “Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime.” Each theatre offering lasts about 30 minutes. “Lord Arthur” plays at 4:45 on Nov. 6 & 7 and is free to all iBAM! attendees. Check the iBAM! website for details and contact me at if you are interested in a group thing with Mr. Delaney. I’m sure it will be worth it!



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Frank Delaney to Appear at Irish Books Arts & Music Celebration

 If you’ve enjoyed Frank Delaney’s Re:Joyce podcasts, you might consider attending the Irish Books Arts & Music Celebration, November 6-7, held at Chicago’s Irish American Heritage Center.  See Mr. Delaney at the following events:

  • Irish Book Club Meeting: Venetia Kelly’s Traveling Show – November 6, 12pmMr. Delaney will lead a discussion of his book, Venetia Kelly’s Traveling show.
  • Panel Discussion: “From the Book of Kells to the Kindle!  Centuries of Irish Literature”  – 12pm, November 7.

Learn more about other iBAM! festivities on their website.  Tickets are $10 or $15 for a two day pass.

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