An Island Where Long-Suffering Readers May Rest (As Long as It’s Not Aeolia)

Although this seems like a most depressing quote for us as we journey further into the belly of the beast, it resonated with me, and I wanted to share it with all of you.  It’s from a paper on Ulysses written by Carl Jung in 1934.  Thank you for sharing it with me, Jody.

“As far as my glance reaches, there are in those seven hundred and thirty-five pages no obvious repetitions and not a single hallowed island where the long-suffering reader may come to rest.  There is not a single place where he can seat himself, drunk with memories, and from which he can happily consider the stretch of road he has covered, be it one hundred pages or even less.”

Yet, unlike Dr. Jung, we fellow travelers on this journey do have an island upon which to catch our breath, share a laugh, and take a rest.  For some lucky travelers, that island happens to serve beer and a warm meal, and for others, it’s within a library.  So take heart and keep reading.  It’s not all suffering, and the tough few who make it through to the last page can share a fond memory of our year of Ulysses.


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