Cyclops “Seen” (Sort of)

Don’t you wish all of Ulysses were available in graphic novel format?  Reading “Telemachus” on Ulysses “Seen” certainly helped me clear that first hurdle back in July, but alas, none of the other episodes are available yet.  As someone who favors visual formats, I sometimes feel compelled to process my reading experience through pictures or other illustrations.  So, I present to you “Cyclops.”  Thank you, Google Images and Photoshop.



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2 responses to “Cyclops “Seen” (Sort of)

  1. Barb

    Thanks, Karen, for the giggle. And thanks again for organizing this!

  2. Maybe I’m the last to discover this, but have all of you seen the Joyce Images page? I was looking for an illustration of “Our Lady of the Cherries” and found this wonderful site with period painting and photos illustrating each chapter. Here’s the page I was looking for:


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