“Circe” Articles

A big thanks to everyone who made it to last week’s “Circe” lecture!  I thought Prof. Froula did a fantastic job explaining one of the most difficult episodes we’ve encountered so far.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to record the lecture; however, Prof. Froula was gracious enough to send us a couple of her articles that deal with “Circe.”  You’ll find the links below. 

Because these are PDF documents, I’d strongly recommend downloading the files by right clicking on each link and then choosing Save Target As, and Open.  You’ll need to rotate the view in Adobe Reader.  Just click on View in the menu bar, Rotate View, then Clockwise.  If you just click on the links below and view them in a browser window, you won’t be able to adjust the orientation of the pages.  You must do this while the file is open in Adobe Reader.

“‘Circe’s Necessary Evils” from Modernism’s Body: Sex, Culture, and Joyce

“Sex” from Joyce in Context


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