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36 Views of Ulysses Follow-up

Thanks to all of you who were able to stop by last week’s artist reception for Leonid Osseny.  It was a fantastic time!  If you missed out on going to the reception or on seeing the exhibit, you can see some of the 36 Views online on Leonid Osseny’s webpage on the Lincoln Terrace Art Studio website.

Additionally, I’m re-posting Russell Johnson’s interview with Leonid.  Click below to read the entire interview.

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“Ithaca”: The Only Episode Worth Reading

According to a recent article, “Ithaca” is the only episode worth reading in Ulysses.  I guess we’ll be the judge of that soon enough, as “Ithaca” is part of our current and last assignment.  Yes, I did say last assignment.  I bet some of us are thinking, “Why didn’t I hear about ‘Ithaca’ being the only episode worth reading before I bothered to read the other 16?”


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