I wrote Ulysses, what did you do?

It’s time for a little show-and-tell.  Matt from my Thursday group visited Dublin recently and shared several pictures from his trip.  This is my favorite, taken at the James Joyce Centre.  It’s a reference to the Tom Stoppard play, Travesties.  During an interrogation by the character Henry Carr, James Joyce is asked what he did during the Great War, and this is his reply: “I wrote Ulysses, what did you do?”

What a statement!  Let me pose another question: What did you read in the past year?  Answer: I read Ulysses, what did you read?


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  1. Barb

    That is so funny — I had that very conversation last night with my father-in-law in town for his annual visit. When he asked what I had read over the past year I said, “Oh, nothing good” (it’s been a disappointing year for me book-wise) until my husband reminded me, “Tell him what you read!” I was like, “Oh, right, I read Ulysses!” Let the bragging rights begin.

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