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Ulysses “Seen” – Calypso

Ulysses “Seen” recently released a portion of “Calypso.”  It seems they’ve been skipping around a bit, so don’t expect to see “Nestor” or “Proteus.”  You can even subscribe to their blog to get email notifications about posts, including info about recently added material like this.


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“Circe” Articles

A big thanks to everyone who made it to last week’s “Circe” lecture!  I thought Prof. Froula did a fantastic job explaining one of the most difficult episodes we’ve encountered so far.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to record the lecture; however, Prof. Froula was gracious enough to send us a couple of her articles that deal with “Circe.”  You’ll find the links below. 

Because these are PDF documents, I’d strongly recommend downloading the files by right clicking on each link and then choosing Save Target As, and Open.  You’ll need to rotate the view in Adobe Reader.  Just click on View in the menu bar, Rotate View, then Clockwise.  If you just click on the links below and view them in a browser window, you won’t be able to adjust the orientation of the pages.  You must do this while the file is open in Adobe Reader.

“‘Circe’s Necessary Evils” from Modernism’s Body: Sex, Culture, and Joyce

“Sex” from Joyce in Context

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Supplemental Lecture on “Circe”

Are you as scared of “Circe” as I am?  Now we don’t have to be afraid anymore!  Prof. Christine Froula of Northwestern University has bravely agreed to present a lecture on the “Circe” episode on Wednesday, February 23, at 6:30 p.m.  The event will take place at the Main Library’s Community Meeting Room.  Registration is not required.

Many of us had the privilege of hearing Prof. Froula’s amazing lecture at our jam-packed June 16 meeting.  Now we get to bask in her knowledge again.  The lecture itself will last about 45 min., plus time for questions at the end.  Get the most out of it by at least starting the reading ahead of time.  Just to clarify – this event is in addition to our regular March meetings.  I hope to see you all there!

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The Music of Joyce

While studying Stuart Gilbert’s analysis of Episode 11: The Sirens, I was pleasantly surprised to discover Joyce’s other love: music.  According to Gilbert, Joyce himself was a vocal prodigy of sorts, and if he hadn’t chosen the path of literature, he would have had a promising career in voice.  In fact, he came from a family of talented singers.  Episode 11 is certainly evidence that Joyce didn’t just abandon his musical gifts.  Throughout, you’ll find music everywhere:  his specific choice of words, the cadence of his prose, the episode structure, and the plot of the episode.

Chamber Music: James JoyceJoyce’s music lives beyond Ulysses.  When he was a young man, he penned a collection of love poems called Chamber Music.  According to Gilbert, Chamber Music “has been set to music by all classes of composers over and over again; one of the poems no less than seven times.”  Even today, Chamber Music continues to resonate in the music scene.  As I attempted to search for recordings of these poems, I stumbled across an NPR story covering a project to put all 36 verses of Chamber Music to, well, music.  The result of the project is a two-disc CD set that features the verses put to music by an assortment of independent musicians.  You can even listen to clips of this aptly titled compilation – Chamber Music: James Joyce – on  Listen to the full NPR story on All Things Considered via NPR’s website.  Just click on Listen Now.  If you’d like to peruse the pages of Chamber Music, we do own a copy here at the Main Library.

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Ulysses Map

Unless you’re familiar with Dublin, it can be difficult to envision the places described in UlyssesJoyce’s Dublin: A Walking Guide to Ulysses makes it much easier to trace the route of the novel’s main characters.  It’s worth checking out from the Library, but I’ve scanned and cleaned up the main map for your viewing pleasure.  Each place listed on the key corresponds to an episode.  Click this link to view a PDF document of the map: Ulysses_Map.  Expect it to take a few seconds to open.  If it doesn’t open, click on the image below.  After several seconds, it should open (enlarged) in a new window. 

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It’s time to re: Joyce!

As I was hunting for some more Ulysses resources, I stumbled across an absolute gem: re: Joyce.  On Bloomsday this year, Irish writer and former BBC broadcaster Frank Delaney launched a series of podcasts called re: Joyce.  Each week, Delaney posts a podcast exploring the world of Ulysses.  So far, there are eight.  Just scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the earlier podcasts.  If you have time, start with the introduction.  Note that episode numbers don’t correspond to episodes of Ulysses.

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Ulysses Annotated Online…Mostly

Find Gifford’s Ulysses Annotated a bit of a hassle to drag around?  You’re not alone.  I’m not exactly keen on schlepping this thing around with me either.  Behold, Ulysses: a marked up version!  Someone has actually taken the time to create an online text of Ulysses with annotations adapted from Don Gifford’s Ulysses Annotated.  Just click on the link to the section you want to read, and a new window will appear.  In it you’ll see the full text of Ulysses and links on certain letters.  Move your mouse over the link, hovering over it, and you’ll then the short annotation will appear.  Not every episode is annotated, however, so you’re out of luck for several of the later ones.  A useful tool for the tech savvy!


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